62 Minutes

Learn to customize Jira to project needs by creating new issue types, including at the task level, and creating custom Jira boards that can track status of multiple projects.

This 3rd session in our Jira series will address:

1.  Creating multi-project Jira boards

2.  Creating new issue types (including sub-tasks), fields, and screens

3.  Understanding how to manage issue display on boards

*To watch the first two sessions, i.e. ‘Introduction to Jira’ and ‘Preparing Stories for Development Using Jira,’ go to https://www.apexsystems.com/careers/webinars-and-workshops?esq=Jira.*  


Speaker Jim Weaver

Jim Weaver is a software developer and trainer with over 30 years of experience working with teams to build software in a variety of languages and for many different types of endeavors. He has helped to build patient portals, medication prescribing applications, telecommunication network monitoring systems, testing frameworks, and even (drum roll) tractor leasing software! He has held many roles in the IT industry, accumulated many programming scars, and currently focuses on teaching. He's helped many teams learn and apply tools both technical and business-focused, and would love to help introduce you to Jira!

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