62 Minutes

Embraced containers yet? If so, that only presents the beginning of the journey. Designing your images to be lean, and your containers configurable requires us to leverage Dockerfiles to their maximum potential. At scale, everything matters, build times, testing, multi-stage builds, conventions around tagging and logging. There is a whole ecosystem of tools around how we can best build our images and containers.

In this session, we will learn many a trick on how we can leverage Docker's own tooling as well as third-party tools to ensure that our first steps in the container world are the right ones.

Speaker Raju Gandhi

Raju Gandhi is a programmer, consultant, speaker, and trainer. With over 15 years of experience in software development, Raju is a strong proponent of the functional mindset, favoring immutability in both software and hardware. He believes that by embracing Agile and DevOps, we can deliver software that customers cherish. You can find him online on twitter as @looselytyped, as well as his blog, https://www.looselytyped.com. He is a speaker for the No Fluff Just Stuff Java conference series, as well as many other conferences like UberConf, RichWeb, ArchConf, FrontEnd Fest, Devoxx, GIDS (India) and acts as an instructor on O'Reilly (https://www.oreilly.com/pub/au/7764). In his spare time, you will find Raju reading, playing with technology, or spending time with his wonderful and significantly better half.

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