Did someone say strategy? Breaking down a mission statement for Project Power - 1 Strategic PDU

58 Minutes

*This Talk will be worth 1 Strategic PDU for relevant certifications until 1/9/2022!*

Project managers often have hidden power and authority. It's hidden so well, in fact, that they can't even find it! During this hour-long event, participants parse a corporate mission statement to identify those elements that defend best practice project management and prove the critical tie-in between project efforts and the benefits realization those projects are supposed to achieve.

Speaker Carl Pritchard

Carl Pritchard is the principal and founder of Pritchard Management Associates. He is recognized lecturer, author, researcher, and instructor. As a lecturer he is considered a leading authority on risk and communications management and presents on a variety of management topics, ranging from project essentials to the complexities of network diagramming and team motivation. As an author and researcher, he has published articles on project management language, advances in risk management, and on the challenges of training on the Internet. His work as an instructor has taken him around the world, training with some of the leading international training organizations, as well as for private clients and the Project Management Institute®. He is the U.S. Correspondent for the U.K. project management journal, Project Manager Today. PDU Information: www.carlpritchard.com PDU – 1 – Category B Strategic Claim Code: 1100VVYCU6 Did Someone Say Strategy?

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