70 Minutes

Let’s face it, you can effectively do many IT jobs related to SQL Server without knowing the internals of how SQL Server works. Many great developers, DBAs, and designers get their day-to-day work completed on time, and with reasonable quality, while never really knowing what’s happening behind the scenes. However, if you want to take your skills to the next level, it is critical to know SQL Server’s internal processes and architecture.  

This session answers:
-    What are the various areas of memory inside of SQL Server?
-    How are queries handled behind the scenes?
-    What does SQL Server do with procedural code, like functions, procedures, and triggers?
-    What happens during checkpoints? Lazywrites?
-    How are IOs handled with regards to transaction logs and database?
-    What happens when transaction logs and databases grow or shrink?

This fast paced session will take you through many aspects of the internal operations of SQL Server and, for those topics we don’t cover, will point you to resources where you can get more information. So strap on your silly, as we cover all these topics and more at speed with tongue planted firmly in cheek! 

Prerequisites: Basic understanding of SQL Server operations and activities – such as transactions, queries, and preventative maintenance tasks like backup and recovery.

Goal 1: Learn about the major components within the SQL Server architecture, starting with the relational engine and storage engine, working down to greater and greater detail

Goal 2: See what happens inside the SQL Server query optimizer and how the query optimizer affects transaction execution time, both read-only and read-write transactions

Goal 3: Review the major operational processes inside of SQL Server that affect memory management and IO activity

Speaker Kevin Kline

Kevin Kline is a renowned database expert and software industry veteran currently serving as a principal program manager at SentryOne, a leading vendor of database tools for the Microsoft data platform. A Microsoft data platform MVP since 2003, Kevin was a founding board member and former president of PASS. He has written/co-written eleven books including the best-selling SQL in a Nutshell. Kevin is a monthly columnist for DBTA magazine. Kevin is a noted trainer and thought leader on IT leadership skills, data and database technology and practices, and SQL Server performance tuning and optimization. Kevin is a top-rated speaker at conferences worldwide such as Microsoft Ignite, the PASS Summit, Oracle OpenWorld, SQLBits, and IT/Dev Connections. He tweets at @kekline.

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