60 Minutes

In this powerful and insightful diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) hiring webinar, Margaret Spence challenges us to look at how we interview, improve our self-awareness, and focus on creating an inclusive work environment. She shares ways to identify and remove biases, and other hurdles, from our interviewing and overall hiring processes. Margaret is the CEO of C. Douglas & Associates and the Founder of The Employee to CEO Project (a leadership success program for powerful women leaders). Margaret also provides Diversity and Inclusion Training Programs for HR professionals and executive leaders to empower individuals to drive sustained change towards an inclusive work environment.  

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Speaker Margaret Spence

For twenty-two years, Margaret has led the business-advisory firm, C. Douglas & Associates, as their CEO. The firm specializes in human resources compliance, talent development, diversity and inclusion, and risk management oversight. After more than 35 years in the insurance industry, Margaret was determined to create a guide path for diversity in executive leadership – four years ago, she launched The Employee to CEO Project. This year, she is leading the tech startup - The Inclusion Learning Lab. Both organizations' mission is to create deliberately inclusive workspaces through advocacy, education, public policy, and research. Margaret is the author of three books. She is an ambassador and advisory member for the Female Founders in InsurTech, and in 2020 she was named Workers' Comp Industry Leader of the year, becoming the first Black insurance professional to receive the award.

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