58 Minutes

Has your company been impacted by the 69 million Americans who left their jobs last year? The Great Hiring has been followed by The Great Resignation, and leaders throughout the industry are left wondering: what are we doing wrong? The role we have played as employers has changed. So how do you compete for good people and retain the great ones in a post-Covid world? And how do you avoid the worker turnover that cost American companies $30 billion last year alone? 

In this training, learn how to make your culture so good no one wants to leave. Discover the unbelievably simple strategy that creates deeper connection, increases retention, and improves work output -- without adding another program or time-consuming training. Identify what "work impact" and "work life integration" means for each generation, and never lose a great employee again. You will not want to miss this session geared towards leaders who are tired of losing great people and don't want to spend time and money on a system they aren't sure will work. 

Gabrielle focuses on 4 main topics:

1. Why do people leave?

2. Why do people stay?

3. How to compete for talent?

4. Key retention strategies

Speaker Gabrielle Bosche

Gabrielle is known as America's Millennial expert. She has advised presidential campaigns, one-star Air Force generals, and corporate executives at Microsoft, Audi, and Expedia. She is one of the most requested speakers on generational leadership and Millennial motivation. Gabrielle is the bestselling author of five books on her generation--including 5 Millennial Myths: The Handbook For Managing and Motivating Millennials and Keep Them Longer: How to Gain, Train and Retain Top Talent. Gabrielle has been featured everywhere from NPR, Sirius XM, SUCCESS, and Business Insider. Gabrielle's popular TEDx Talk challenges whether Millennials will be the next great generation, and has taken her to stages around the world. Her approach to leadership is the funny, insightful, and action-oriented solution we need right now.

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