63 Minutes

Speak up and stand out: three experts weigh in on how to find (and use) your voice. 

Public speaking have your nerves running high? You know, the feeling when you get called on during a meeting to give input. Or when you have to introduce yourself during a networking event. Or even worse, when you have to stand up in front of a group of people and present. That sweaty palm, what am I going to say feeling. Well, no need to let nerves get the best of you. In fact, you can actually channel that energy into a positive public or virtual speaking experience. That's right: POSITIVE.

Even if you're not looking to be the highest rated TED Talk presenter in the history of TED Talks, it's still important to find your voice and be confident in what you have to say. The speaking game also changes as you engage virtually via video. Our resident experts will share their real-life experiences in finding their own voice and tips for successful ways to be confident in the way you present yourself. 

Our panelists (Leslie Vickrey, Christine Stone, and Michael Weiss) address: 

  1. Adjusting your approach during virtual meetings to speak up/use your voice
  2. Specific tools to utilize, and specific logistics/mechanics to practice and prepare for 
  3. How to drive engagement 
  4. How to prepare for virtual presentations? 
  5. Recommendations on  professional training, online resources, etc. 

Tags: communication, confidence, imposter syndrome, public speaking, leadership, women, diversity (DEI), inclusivity 

Speaker Leslie Vickrey, Christine Stone and Michael Weiss

Back by popular demand, this dynamic session will be moderated by Leslie Vickrey, CEO and Founder of ClearEdge Marketing and Co-Founder of ARA (attract, retain and advance women in tech) with guests Christine Stone, Global Head of PMO, Groupon, and Michael Weiss, Vice President Creative360, Consulting Division of Creative Circle.

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