60 Minutes

More and more organizations are realizing that in order to achieve business agility they need to go beyond implementing Agile in specific teams/projects. Real agility requires scaling Agile to the program/portfolio/enterprise level. In this session we will explore the options organizations have when looking to scale Agile, with an emphasis on SAFe(tm) - the Scaled Agile Framework - one of the most popular options these days. 

Learning Objectives:

•    When does it make sense to scale Agile

•    What are the leading scaling approaches

•    An introduction to SAFe's Big Picture and implementation configurations

•    How to implement SAFe - The Implementation Roadmap

•    Typical Results of implementing SAFe

•    Key risks/red flags to be aware of when implementing SAFe

Speaker Yuval Yeret

With over 24 years in IT/Technology, Yuval has been helping AgileSparks enterprise clients scale Agile since 2009, working with companies such as Intel, Siemens, Amdocs, HP, Nice Actimize, and Eagle Investments. He is a SAFe Program Consultant Trainer (SPCT4). You can check out his thinking on the AgileSparks blog, in his popular personal blog at YuvalYeret.com or in his book “Holy Land Kanban”. Yuval is currently based in Boston with a focus both on enterprise agility and SAFe as well as wider organizational agility and especially Agile Marketing.  

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