Tuesday, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT

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Speaker Traci Duez

Traci Duez is a prominent figure in the field of transformative leadership and personal development. With over twenty years of experience and several groundbreaking ventures, she has made significant contributions to the industry. Her journey began in 2006 during her time in IT consulting, where she had an epiphany about the need for tech experts to expand their vision beyond technical skills and embrace client perspectives and the consulting landscape.

This realization led her to explore neuro-axiology, which profoundly changed her career path. She founded Break Free Consulting LLC with the mission to empower individuals and organizations with cognitive tools to make value-centric decisions and achieve success. Traci Duez emphasizes the importance of valuegenic self-leadership and axiological principles in professional growth.

Break Free Consulting is known for its commitment to integrity, honesty, trust, compassion, and faith.  Traci’s coaching services focus on activating strengths, clarifying purpose, and taking teams to new heights. Her approach has helped many, including CEOs and business coaches, to overcome challenges and achieve their goals. 


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