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Business leaders in every organization are required to continually perform at their best while under intense scrutiny and extreme expectation. That has never been truer than it is today with both the economic and public health challenges we are facing. In order to survive these challenging times, business leaders must devise strategies, develop skills, adopt attitudes and gain knowledge that will allow them to overcome the stress and thrive under pressure. In searching for appropriate and successful skills and strategies, great coaches can offer proven, yet fresh, perspectives. Great coaches must regularly and continually discover winning ways while under intense pressure and stress.  Research and proven practices of elite-level coaches find 6 strategies useful for not only managing severe stress but thriving in such environments. Interestingly, when engaging these strategies, both great coaches and business leaders emerge from the experience invigorated and energized for peak performance.

These strategies included:

1.  Prepare to be Successful

Proper preparation is not about scripting an unpredictable future, but rather being prepared for whatever is to come.  Great coaches prepare to be successful, which in turn boosts confidence, alleviates stress and provides a well-conceived pathway forward. 

2.  Control what is Controllable

Average coaches and leaders stress over the problems and challenges.  Great coaches and leaders devote their energies to developing solutions and strategies.  To do so, great coaches let go of the factors beyond their control and give full attention to those things over which they can control—and in controlling the controllables, they continually reduce their stress while discovering success.

3.  Immerse in the Process

Give less attention to the outcome and more attention to the process that will determine the outcome to you desire.  Execute the plan and take action on those things that will achieve the results.  Conquering any mountain comes from diligently following a well-conceived path. 

4.  Decisive Decisions

Times of pressure and stress demand consequential decisions be made.  Making these decisions require appropriate focus, timing and flexibility.  The greatest coaches and leaders make their best decisions when pressure is most intense. 

5.  Peer Support

No one does it alone.  The best understand this, and work their peer network do get the information and support they need.   

6.  Release and Recharge

If you can’t function your team can’t function.  The world’s best coaches and leaders recognize that, despite inclinations to the contrary, they must take care of themselves first.  Consequently, they have well developed strategies to provide emotional release and to recharge their energy.   

In this engaging and interactive program with Paul Schempp, business leaders will learn these easily applicable strategies and craft ways they can smoothly incorporate them into their leadership style to find the rainbows in their storms and master the art of thriving in times that cause others to wither.  This program contains a ton of practical, easily applicable take-aways. 


Group Discussion Questions:

1. How are you currently gauging the mental health and stressors of your team? What specific questions are you asking individual team numbers and how frequently?

2. Paul highlighted 7+ preparation tips. Which have you used? Which would be the most beneficial to use based on current goals/stressors? What goes into your planning on a daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly basis?

3. Paul shared that a small scratch can become a large gash if we focus too much on problems, mistakes, etc. rather than small wins and progress. He stressed the importance of highlighting best practices/small wins that if everyone replicated, would make the whole team more successful. How do you do this now? How could you?

4. Participants shared 10+ ways they relax and recharge, so they can continuously bring their best selves each day. How are you taking care of yourself? How are you helping your members take care of themselves? One point Paul made is that some of our best people are struggling a lot right now with guilt and aren’t stepping away and focusing on true work:life balance. People feel glued to their devices. How are you focusing on work:life balance and separation for yourself and encouraging with your team? 

Keywords: Productivity, Stress, Anxiety, Performance

Speaker Paul Schempp

Dr. Paul Schempp is a high-performance leadership expert who provides research-based solutions and proven practices that solve results-oriented problems and leadership challenges. As University of Georgia professor, he conducts research into the characteristics and development of expert business leaders and sport coaches. He has authored six books including the award winning 5 Steps to Expert. Known for his content-rich, inspirational and easily applicable presentations and programs, he has delivered over 300 programs in 36 countries on 4 continents. As an internationally recognized scholar, speaker and consultant he helps individuals and organizations build and lead high performing teams. His clients include the American Society of Health systems Pharmacists, AGN International, Atlanta Hawks, Delta Airlines, BASF, Conde Nast, Brooklyn Nets, Gannett Fleming Engineering, General Electric, LPGA, Major League Baseball, NASCAR, National Basketball Association, Nix Healthcare System, PGA of America, Retail Industry Leaders Association, Singapore Sports Council, Swedish Sports Federation, Taiwan Olympic Committee, UPS, US Patent & Trade Office and Vistage. Paul helped design and conduct the pilot mentoring program for Delta Air Lines and executive mentoring programs for the United States Patent & Trade Office and UPS. Currently, he is conducting research on expert decision making, leadership development, and mentoring.

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