60 Minutes

All leaders dread certain conversations-the ones requiring them to deliver bad news, discuss a sensitive subject, or review something gone terribly wrong. Few leaders want to be the bearer of bad news or create an explosive workplace situation. Ineffective or new leaders tend to avoid these conversations hoping the situation cures itself or just goes away. It doesn't. Good leaders know that no matter how difficult, these conversations need to happen. These leaders search for strategies to turn potentially negative reactions into positive actions for them, the employee, and the team. In this webinar, time-tested, research supported, and practice-proven strategies will be shared that will help leaders turn difficult talks into constructive conversations that result in positive outcomes. 

Topics will include:

  • How to be proactive to reduce the need for difficult conversations in the first place
  • 6 common reasons for difficult conversations at work and how to handle them
  • Shouting is not a strategy: Controlling emotions
  • Overcoming the 4 Defenses in a Difficult Conversation
  • Success strategies for turning troublesome situations into transformational experiences

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Speaker Dr. Paul Schempp

Dr. Paul Schempp is a high-performance leadership expert who provides research-based solutions and proven practices that solve results-oriented problems and leadership challenges. As University of Georgia professor, he conducts research into the characteristics and development of expert business leaders and sport coaches. He has authored six books including the award winning 5 Steps to Expert. Known for his content-rich, inspirational and easily applicable presentations and programs, he has delivered over 300 programs in 36 countries on 4 continents. As an internationally recognized scholar, speaker and consultant he helps individuals and organizations build and lead high performing teams. His clients include the American Society of Health systems Pharmacists, AGN International, Atlanta Hawks, Delta Airlines, BASF, Conde Nast, Brooklyn Nets, Gannett Fleming Engineering, General Electric, LPGA, Major League Baseball, NASCAR, National Basketball Association, Nix Healthcare System, PGA of America, Retail Industry Leaders Association, Singapore Sports Council, Swedish Sports Federation, Taiwan Olympic Committee, UPS, US Patent & Trade Office and Vistage. Paul helped design and conduct the pilot mentoring program for Delta Air Lines and executive mentoring programs for the United States Patent & Trade Office and UPS. Currently, he is conducting research on expert decision making, leadership development, and mentoring.

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