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Quality decisions are critical for superior organizational performance, while poor decisions lead to poor performance.  Research finds that teams make superior decisions over individual managers or executives 75% of the time. If an organization wants better decisions, they need to use teams to make the majority of those decisions. However, good decision making doesn't happen just because it is a team making those decisions. Science finds the very best decision-making teams use several strategies to outperform mediocre and dysfunctional teams. So, how do leaders get their teams to make the best decisions possible?

In this program, we'll look at some of the strategies of teams who make exceptional decisions. Using research-based discoveries and real-world examples, participants will gain insight into strategies they can easily apply to their teams to make better decisions. Topics will include:

      -The Influence of the Charismatic Leader

      -Building trust and psychological safety

      -Virtual or in-person meetings?

      -Why we need to disagree

      -Rules, roles, and responsibilities

      -Strategizing where we are going, how we get there, and when we've arrived

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Speaker Dr. Paul Schempp

Dr. Paul Schempp is a high-performance leadership expert who provides research-based solutions and proven practices that solve results-oriented problems and leadership challenges. As a University of Georgia professor, he conducts research into the characteristics and development of expert business leaders and sports coaches. He has authored six books including the award winning 5 Steps to Expert. Known for his content-rich, inspirational and easily applicable presentations and programs, he has delivered over 300 programs in 36 countries on four continents. As an internationally recognized scholar, speaker and consultant he helps individuals and organizations build and lead high performing teams. His clients include the American Society of Health Systems Pharmacists, AGN International, the Atlanta Hawks, Delta Airlines, BASF, Conde Nast, the Brooklyn Nets, Gannett Fleming Engineering, General Electric, LPGA, Major League Baseball, NASCAR, National Basketball Association, Nix Healthcare System, PGA of America, Retail Industry Leaders Association, Singapore Sports Council, Swedish Sports Federation, Taiwan Olympic Committee, UPS, US Patent & Trade Office, and Vistage. Paul helped design and conduct the pilot mentoring program for Delta Air Lines and executive mentoring programs for the United States Patent & Trade Office and UPS. Currently, he is conducting research on expert decision making, leadership development, and mentoring.

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