65 Minutes

The confidence gap is real. Research shows that compared with men, women don't consider themselves as ready for promotions, they predict they'll do worse on tests, and they generally underestimate their abilities. Success, it turns out, correlates just as closely with confidence as it does with competence. So, how can women take control, increase professional confidence and Stop Settling? And how can you, as leaders, impart these lessons to your own employees?

Speaker Leslie Vickrey

Leslie Vickrey, CEO and Founder of ClearEdge Marketing, and Co-Founder of ARA (Attract, Retain and Advance women in tech), will share data from a women in tech survey that reveals the number one piece of advice for women revolves around being confident, along with real-world examples of her own experiences as well as those she’s mentored over the years. Leslie will also interview special guest Dana Shaw-Arimoto, Executive and Leadership Team Coach, Advisor, Speaker, Author & CEO and Founder of Phoenix5 and the Stop Settling® movement, to share how the Stop Settling movement was born of a perfect storm of convergence and what you can do to help you and your employees achieve the success they desire.

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