66 Minutes

Join us to get started with Azure Machine Learning. In this session, you will learn the basics of ML Model building, training, validation, deployment, and monitoring. This interactive webinar covers the end-to-end process to get up and running with Azure Machine Learning and will prepare participants for the next steps of Machine Learning.

Speaker Shahed Chowdhuri

A Senior Technical Program Manager at Microsoft in their CSE (Commercial Software Engineering) group, Shahed Chowdhuri has 20+ years of experience in web/software development. He's also a published author of ASP.NET Core Essentials, Microsoft Press Bot Framework book tech editor, a Blogger, Speaker, and Indie Game Developer. He focuses on helping businesses succeed in the cloud and volunteers his free time to mentor tech candidates with resume reviews. You can find him on Twitter via @shahedC and stay tuned for new content on his blog at WakeUpAndCode.com.

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