67 Minutes

This training looks at the importance of aptitudes and attitudes as indicators and prerequisites for a successful data science career. It doesn't focus much on technical skills, since (as some experts say) skills can be taught, but aptitudes and passion are either natural characteristics within the individual or else dispositions to success that are inspired by leaders and teachers.

The "seven C's" is a reference to the "seven seas" that have inspired explorers, scientists, and other humans for centuries to embark on many voyages of discovery. Similarly, data scientists explore vast and endless seas of data for new insights, new knowledge, and new understanding. The "seven C's" also refer to the seven (actually, 12) qualities (aptitudes and attitudes) of successful data scientists, all of which begin with the letter "C", including curious, creative, continuous life-long learner, plus other core characteristics! 

Come for the data. Stay for the science.

Speaker Kirk Borne

Dr. Kirk Borne is the Principal Data Scientist and an Executive Advisor at global technology and consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton based in McLean, Virginia. In those roles, he focuses on applications of data science, data management, machine learning, machine intelligence, modeling, and simulation across a wide variety of disciplines. He also provides leadership and mentoring to multi-disciplinary teams of scientists, modelers, and data scientists. In addition, he consults with numerous external organizations, industries, agencies, and partners in the use of large data repositories and machine learning for discovery, decision support, and innovation. Previously, he was Professor of Astrophysics and Computational Science at George Mason University for 12 years where he did research, taught, and advised students in data science. Prior to that, Kirk spent nearly 20 years supporting data systems activities on NASA space science programs, including a role as NASA's Data Archive Project Scientist for the Hubble Space Telescope and a term as contract Program Manager in NASA's Space Science Data Operations Office. Dr. Borne has a B.S. degree Summa Cum Laude in Physics from LSU, and a Ph.D. in Astronomy from Caltech. In 2016 he was elected Fellow of the International Astrostatistics Association for his lifelong contributions to big data research in astronomy. He has presented invited keynote presentations at many dozens of data science and analytics conferences globally. He is an active contributor on social media, where he has been named consistently among the top worldwide influencers in big data and data science since 2013. You can follow him on Twitter at @KirkDBorne.

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