58 Minutes

United by a shared passion to lift other women and fueled by the undercurrent of the COVID-19 pandemic, join this panel of women in leadership as they share the commonalities they've seen and personally experienced on their journey to the top. Common themes that have helped them #riseup in a leadership or professional capacity include:

🔥Setting imposter syndrome aside

🔥Betting on yourself and taking risks

🔥Understanding your why

🔥Putting yourself in a successor seat

🔥Setting goals AND boundaries and sticking to them

🔥Engaging male allies and sponsors

This session kicks off by sharing the story behind the book “Together We Rise” and how 15 women came together during their darkest days to help one another rise up, stay afloat, create and seize opportunities, and so much more. Do you want to establish yourself as a powerful woman in the world of business or technology? If so, you won't want to miss this on-demand session!

Tags: communication, workplace / employee relationships, diversity (DEI), inclusivity/inclusion, leadership, management 

Speaker Leslie Vickrey, Kendra Cato, and Lauren Jones

We are excited to be joined by three authors from the book â€œTogether We Rise,” which includes Moderator Leslie Vickrey, CEO and Founder, ClearEdge Marketing, Kendra Cato, Director, Enterprise Strategy, Bullhorn, and Lauren Jones, Founder, Leap Consulting Solutions. Expect an open discussion that will leave you feeling inspired and provide you with practical advice you can put into action.

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