59 Minutes

Congratulations! You’ve moved up from Project Manager to Program Manager. Nice move! Just one thing. These are two completely different and independent jobs. The mission, the focus and the approaches to management are radically different between the two, despite the fact that they’re both rooted in a common objective—delivery. This one-hour briefing provides an overview of the strategic perspective required of Program Managers and the need to ensure that programs are focused on a higher level than the often-micro perspective of projects. 

*Pritchard Management Associates is an Authorized Training Partner and offers 1 strategic PDU associated with this program, and the claim code will be at the end of the webinar. The PDU is good until 4/23/2023!*


Speaker Carl Pritchard

Carl Pritchard is the self-proclaimed "fun guy" of project risk management.  He's a past author of the risk chapter of the Guide to the PMBOK (4th Ed.), and was selected by PMI Global as the "Best of the Best" in project management (Eric Jenett Award winner).  He has been teaching project management for over 25 years and is a principal of Pritchard Management Associates, a consulting and training firm.  He has written seven project management texts, and has traveled the globe for clients, for PMI SeminarsWorld and coaching project managers to be their absolute best.

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