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In Part 2 of this 3-part series on hiring veterans, Speakers John Todd & Sara Potecha share their thoughts on these topics/questions: 

  1. What are the main differences between a typical corporation culture and the US Military?
  2. How do these differences result in challenges for Veterans adapting to a corporate workplace, and what examples can you share?
  3. How might a hiring manager or colleague benefit from understanding these cultural differences?
  4. Veterans value team accomplishment over personal accomplishment. This tendency can derail them when interviewing or seeking a promotion. What questions can hiring managers ask to ascertain a Veteran’s experience level?

Tags: military hiring, veterans, diversity (DEI), inclusivity/inclusion, leadership, management 

Speaker John Todd & Sara Potecha

John Todd - CEO, Alliance, Serial Entrepreneur

John is the founder of Alliance and is the longest running CEO in the Junior Military Officer (JMO) industry today. He is a 1985 West Point graduate and has experienced the JMO world from three important vantage points that make him unique in this business. Since his exit from the military in 1992, he has been a serial entrepreneur, establishing and selling multiple Inc 5000 companies. In 2003 after founding, leading, and building an Inc 500 company, he sold to a global competitor. He then created Alliance, the most candidate-focused business model in the history of the JMO transition industry. Over the past 19 years, Alliance has helped thousands of top tier JMOs successfully transition to the corporate world.

John and wife, Virginia (also a West Point graduate) have six grown daughters, two of whom have graduated from West Point and their youngest daughter is currently beginning her “Firstie” or senior year at the Academy.

Sara Potecha (PO-TEACH-A) - Author, Speaker, Executive Coach and Consultant

Sara Potecha is an accomplished author, speaker, executive coach, and consultant. Her best-selling memoir, West Point Woman, describes her experience as one of the first women to graduate from the United States Military Academy. A masterful storyteller and leadership practitioner, Sara's message of persistence, resilience, the power of encouragement, and humor resonate with her audiences in a post-COVID world.

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