62 Minutes

Every organization, regardless of industry, seeks the smartest game-changers to deliver innovative breakthroughs and topnotch services to delight their customer and lead the pack. So why do we continue to rely on traditional project management practices and expect to obtain different results? Today's environment demands flawless implementation from every project team member and key stakeholder to drive short-term performance and long-term value through new products, advanced technology, and innovative services. The future belongs to organizations who are after the next moonshot to catapult organizational capabilities and achieve implementation excellence. 

A good moonshot includes three ingredients. It inspires, it is credible, and it is imaginative. Join us as Lisa DiTullio provides us with the opportunity to redefine the current state of project management and reimagine ways to move from steady-state practices to ground-breaking implementation excellence.  Her thought-proving workshop will challenge our traditional beliefs on how projects should be delivered and unleash our imagination about what is possible in our fast-paced, ever-changing world.  

Speaker Lisa DiTullio

Lisa DiTullio is the principal of Project Chalk Talk.  She delights in developing project management capabilities for biotechnology organizations through simple project management practices. She is the author of multiple project management books and is a recognized international speaker in her field.  Lisa has held a training contract with The Project Management Institute for the past 10 years.  Lisa believes all organizations must adopt modern project management practices to achieve implementation excellence and to keep up with the rapid pace of change.

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