32 Minutes

“We can’t deliver great service because of COVID” is no longer a valid excuse (it never really was). In a post-COVID world, delivering stellar customer service experiences is more important than ever. Satisfied customers are no longer enough. Optimizing business growth requires long-term loyal relationships.

When things go wrong—and they can go wrong—it’s vitally important to have a recovery plan. An effective plan includes:

·       Accepting responsibility for customer challenges

·       Implementing a flawless process for service recovery

·       Exceeding expectations to make things right

In this session, we’ll discuss these topics and other effective strategies to multiply loyal customers.

Speaker Jesse B. Good

Jesse B Good helps organizations leverage customer experience marketing to multiply loyal customer relationships. With 20+ years leading front-line customer service and CX teams, he has facilitated more than one million customer service experiences. As a speaker, trainer, and consultant, Jesse has created millions of dollars in additional business revenue through retained customers, expanded relationships, and cost avoidance.

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