62 Minutes

We are welcoming back three technology leaders and career coaches (Jeff Baird, Suzanne Ricci, and George Stocker) for a panel discussion around these key topics and questions (which were submitted directly): 

  1. Remote Communication - How can you be as effective as possible when it comes to communicating via phone calls, virtual meetings, email, etc.? What mistakes do people make with communication?
  2. Handling Issues/Conflict - As a Contractor, how do you handle conflict between client's business units, co-workers, your boss, etc.? How do you handle issues or concerns with your boss? How do you deal with different personality types? 
  3. Preferred Traits by Managers - Everyone knows to start a job by being on time, having a professional appearance, and showing a positive, can-do attitude. What additional, not so obvious traits and skills do managers value? What traits would be helpful to exhibit when starting a new assignment in an unfamiliar company and location? How can you stand out and be sure that you get hired on with the company? What type of things should you do? Did you ask for extra projects?
  4. Understanding Management Preferences - What questions do you ask to understand the style of management used at the company, in the group, etc.? Can you determine management styles/preferences when you are interviewing for a job?
  5. Getting New/Different Work - How do I ask for more challenging or different work? If I'm bored, how can I communicate that tactfully and get additional tasks?
Speaker Jeff, Suzanne and George

We're excited to welcome these 3 incredible leaders and experts on these topics, including Jeff Baird (Salt Lake City), Suzanne Ricci (Tampa) and George Stocker (Northern VA/DC)! Jeff, Suzanne and George are seasoned techies and leaders who also have been career coaches for the last 5+ years.

PDU Credit: If you have a PMP or other PMI certification, you can claim/self-report 1 'Business Acumen' (formerly Strategic and Business Management) PDU by logging the following: Education - Digital Media/Webinar & Activity Title. For more on PDU reporting, visit https://www.pmi.org/certifications/certification-resources/maintain/pmi-talent-triangle-update, and for future questions, reach out to [email protected]

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