57 Minutes

Over the last few years, JavaScript has introduced a slew of new features—fat-arrow functions, maps and sets. But what! What's a WeakMap? And there's a WeakSet? And what exactly does Proxy do? Are these features more the result of feature envy than of any pragmatic value?

In this fast-paced live coding session, Raju Gandhi will demonstrate how you can use these features in combination to create a reactivity system very similar to ones used by modern view libraries like Vue.js. Of course, if you are interested in Vue.js, or already use it, you have even more reason to see how Vue performs all its magic. Win win!

NOTE: We've done a couple trainings on Vue.js. If you'd like to watch, you can access on-demand via these links: https://www.apexsystems.com/event/toolbox-talk/introduction-vue-vuejs-john-papa-learntocode & https://www.apexsystems.com/event/toolbox-talk/testing-vuejs

Speaker Raju Gandhi

Raju Gandhi is a programmer, consultant, speaker, trainer and all around nice guy. He has worked in the software industry for over 15 years, with experience in both government and private sector. He is a strong advocate of functional programming, and a proponent of immutability across both hardware and software. You can find him online on twitter as @looselytyped, as well as his blog, https://www.looselytyped.com. He’s a speaker for the No Fluff Just Stuff Java conference series, who host UberCon, RichWeb, ArchCon, Angular Summits, etc., and does about 20 conferences a year. In his spare time, you will find Raju reading, playing with technology, or spending time with his wonderful and significantly better half.

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