32 Minutes

Researchers at TalentSmart conducted a study with over one million people and found that those in the upper echelon of performance at work tend to be highly self-aware (90% of them, in fact). By gaining a better sense of yourself and your personality, you increase your self-awareness and emotional intelligence. As a result, this helps you find jobs, get promotions, and improve your performance.

Jeff Baird, Certified Coach in the Big 5 Personalities, probably worth a google and Certified Body Language Trainer, will share the Science of Personalities and how we can leverage that knowledge in our careers.

Tags: communication, workplace / employee relationships, diversity (DEI), inclusivity/inclusion, leadership, management 

Speaker Speaker Jeff Baird

Jeff is a Certified Body Language Trainer, Goal Hacker, Hiring Manager, and the Anti-boring Corporate Trainer. He's also worked in IT and Business intelligence for nearly 20 years and is a Chris Hemsworth look-a-like. Just checking to see if you're still reading! Jeff's approach is science-backed, applicable, and fun. Jeff will help you take control of your nonverbal communication, read others' body language, and help you finally nail those stretch goals. Jeff is ready to help you break through your career or life plateaus.

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