63 Minutes

There are times when requirements gathering and elicitation just does not go as planned. When it comes to getting someone talking the FBI knows what it takes. The FBI teaches people how to identify when someone is resisting, the natural human instincts that drive us into action, and how to elicit information using conversational techniques. I have converted these into techniques that can be used by Business Analysts and Product Owners to gain insights for requirements when typical techniques are not working. This session, Part 2: Playing the Part, focuses on those techniques that help you change someone's perception. You will feel like more of the team and less like the facilitator. You become their confidential information, their shoulder to lean on, and intrigue them to be more engaged.

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Speaker Deena Chadwick

Deena Chadwick, The Common Sensical BA, has built a solid reputation for being an expert in Project and Product Delivery. She enjoys teaching scope definition, requirements management, stakeholder management, communication and collaboration, design thinking, and solution optimization. She is known for her ability to infuse innovative processes and best practice techniques. Deena has spoken at Refresh Detroit, PMBA Global, BA World, BADDs, PDDs, colleges and more. She is the author of the Commonsensical Series: A Guide for PMs, BAs, and Product Owners. This is a series of books, eBooks, and courses that focus on bringing Common Sense back to the complex world of interactive project delivery.

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