61 Minutes

Managers run into various roadblocks when trying to identify, engage, screen and attract quality candidates to join their teams. It’s frustrating when it takes a considerable amount of time to identify strong candidates, and even more frustrating to then lose them during the process.

In this session, we’ll cover:

  • Top 10 reasons we’ve seen Managers/companies lose good candidates
  • Formula for a quality hiring process
  • Primary candidate motivators
  • Key components for a quality job description
  • Recommended exercises to improve process
Speaker Erica Woods, Kristina Kern, and Tim Fallon

Together, these 3 Apex leaders bring 50+ years of experience supporting technology, project management and life science job seekers and hiring managers. They all bring a passion in both improving the job seeker/candidate journey and helping hiring managers, both new and tenured, learn easy to implement hiring and interview hacks to making their hiring process more seamless, efficient and enjoyable! 

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