45 Minutes

Current research indicates that losing a customer can cost a business over $50,000 in that relationship's lifetime value. When you work with difficult customers, you can't choose how they will act. You can only decide how you will act or react. We will explore three strategies in this session to enhance emotional intelligence and self-awareness that can be used with every customer contact. These skills can be leveraged to reduce churn, work with difficult customers, and improve strained relationships to retain your loyal existing customers.

Discussion Questions for Post Training Reflection

  1. What's a customer-caused issue you have dealt with recently? What was the issue, and how did it happen? How did you react to the customer and deal with the problem?
  2. What are some specific tips that can help us become genuinely empathetic to our customers?
  3. What statistic stood out to you the most? How might that influence your overall customer service or how you deal with the customer's issue?

Tags: communication, workplace / employee relationships, diversity (DEI), inclusivity/inclusion, leadership 


Speaker Jesse B. Good

Jesse has more than twenty years of hands-on expertise in customer success, call centers, and entertainment. Jesse helps audiences understand the importance of cultures focused on employee and customer experience and gives them tools to begin moving forward with that imperative. Jesse has facilitated more than one million customer service experiences and influenced millions of dollars in additional business revenue. Jesse works as a speaker, trainer, and consultant with small business owners, international organizations, and Fortune 500 companies from Adobe to Zions Bank.

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