35 Minutes

In part 1 of this series, our veteran advocate facilitates a discussion with Brittany Simmons & Sara Potecha that address these questions: 

  1. What does it take to get into the Armed Services (including tests, assessments, other qualifications and ongoing criterion)?
  2. What key technical and leadership skill sets do veterans possess?
  3. The military is known for training and empowering leaders at all levels. What type of leadership training and experience can we expect veterans to have had?
  4. The military is a diverse organization and provides numerous varied experiences for its members, including serving in multiple countries and cultures. How does a veteran’s cultural competence aid a company?
  5. The various armed services have core values that include integrity and servant leadership. How do these values translate into a desirable hire?
  6. Veterans are given frequent job changes and high levels of responsibility, often at young ages. How might this differ from an experience in a corporate environment?
  7. Veterans often perform tasks in very fluid situations, sometimes in all kinds of weather and environments, including operating in combat. They must learn new technology quickly and adapt to rapidly changing conditions. How might technology fluidity and resilience be skills needed at an organization?
Speaker Brittany Simmons & Sara Potecha

Brittany Simmons - LTC U.S Army (Ret), Speaker and Professional Coach

Brittany is a highly experienced leader and newly retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel. She graduated from West Point in 2002, commissioned as a Military Police Officer, and went on to lead at every key level from Platoon Leader to Battalion Commander during her Army career. With 24 years of Army leadership, Brittany launched her own business as a leadership Coach, Trainer, and Speaker.

Sara Potecha (PO-TEACH-A) - Author, Speaker, Executive Coach and Consultant

Sara Potecha is an accomplished author, speaker, executive coach, and consultant. Her best-selling memoir, West Point Woman, describes her experience as one of the first women to graduate from the United States Military Academy. A masterful storyteller and leadership practitioner, Sara's message of persistence, resilience, the power of encouragement, and humor resonate with her audiences in a post-COVID world.

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