44 Minutes

In Part 3 of this veteran hiring series, speakers Brittany Simmons & Sara Potecha address these topics/questions: 

  1. What are the details of the transition assistance programs (TAPs) that veterans leaving or retiring from the military go through? 
  2. There are often some myths or misconceptions around hiring veterans. What are some common myths or misconceptions you have heard and how are these inaccurate?
  3. Sara, based on your lean six sigma background, you describe an organization’s Veteran recruiting, hiring, and retention practices as three interconnected processes. Each process has a designated owner, a beginning, an ending, and a hand-off to the following procedure. Why is thinking about our practices in this way a best practice?
  4. Which of the three processes tends to be most neglected and why?
  5. One of the best practices literature supports is assigning a veteran employee to each newly hired veteran. Why does this effort aid in the assimilation of the newly hired veteran?
  6. Connecting with veterans through trade schools, community colleges and universities is another means of keeping the veteran pipeline full. What are ways to connect with local universities?
  7. How can veteran Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) aid in recruiting, hiring, and retaining veterans?


Speaker Brittany Simmons & Sara Potecha

Brittany Simmons - LTC U.S Army (Ret), Speaker and Professional Coach

Brittany is a highly experienced leader and newly retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel. She graduated from West Point in 2002, commissioned as a Military Police Officer, and went on to lead at every key level from Platoon Leader to Battalion Commander during her Army career. With 24 years of Army leadership, Brittany launched her own business as a leadership Coach, Trainer, and Speaker.

Sara Potecha (PO-TEACH-A) - Author, Speaker, Executive Coach and Consultant

Sara Potecha is an accomplished author, speaker, executive coach, and consultant. Her best-selling memoir, West Point Woman, describes her experience as one of the first women to graduate from the United States Military Academy. A masterful storyteller and leadership practitioner, Sara's message of persistence, resilience, the power of encouragement, and humor resonate with her audiences in a post-COVID world.

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