58 Minutes

To be product-centric and customer-focused, everyone in your product development ecosystem needs to agree on the answer to the question, “What is Your Product?” Many organizations don’t have clarity on what their product or products are. Ambiguity and disagreement on the answer contribute to slow response to changing customer and market needs and less than satisfying product outcomes. It thwarts your efforts to scale agile product development and causes a plethora of organizational and communication woes.

In this presentation, Ellen shares why this question is so vital to your product success and how she’s helped organizations co-discover the answer to the question, “What is Your Product?”. Whether your organization’s products are a primary source of revenue or are essential for your business operations, you will learn techniques that help instill product thinking, shared understanding, and outcome-centricity. 

You will learn to: 1.) Understand why it is essential to clarify the answer: “what is your product?” 2.) Consider useful tools and techniques that help clarify what your product is; 3.) Appreciate the product, team, and organizational implications of how narrow or broad you define your product

Speaker Ellen Gottesdiener

Ellen is an Enterprise Product Coach focused on helping people create valued outcomes through collaboration, lean/agile practices, and systems thinking. She is the founder and CEO of EBG Consulting, a global leader in agile product management, transitioning from project to product and moving large complex organizations to be customer-focused and product-centric. The agile community knows her as an instigator and innovator for collaborative practices for agile product discovery using skilled facilitation, enabling healthy teamwork and organizational learning.

Ellen has worked with organizations in numerous vertical domains, including pharma, medical device, financial services, telecom, and eCommerce. Ellen was an early adapter of lean/agile practices in her product coaching work, a founding member of the global retrospective facilitator community, a former Director of Agile Alliance's Agile Product Management Initiative, and founder of Boston's Agile Product Open community. 

She has authored three books and numerous articles and has been a sought-after speaker at numerous conferences worldwide. You can read Ellen's blog and find her LinkedIn profile here

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