61 Minutes

The unexpected chaos of 2020 left our society feeling more anxious, burned out, and isolated than ever, weakening output. Research from a recent Microsoft study revealed 70% of employees reported higher stress levels and 40% are experiencing decreased mental health. Based on our experts’ decades of management experience in virtual and hybrid environments, and ongoing industry research, this webinar presentation will strengthen the sustainability of remote work in your organization by equipping your workforce with physical, mental, and emotional health strategies that are unique in remote work.

Primary topics and takeaways of this presentation’s content are as follows:

Section 1: Finding Work-Life Balance by Setting Work-Life Boundaries

- Designing pre- and post-work routines to create psychological differentiation

- Creating household agreements for productivity and professionalism

- Digital Wellness (creating a healthy relationship with remote work tools and equipment)

Section 2: Why Self-Care is So Critical

- Avoiding sedentary traps with exercise routines

- Planning healthy eating habits at home

- Preventing the burnout trap

Section 3: Designing a Personal Wellness Plan

- Physical: Incorporating ergonomics into your home office

- Social: Preventing isolation with hobbies and relationships

- Mental & Emotional: Finding your unique block-busters

Speaker Laurel Farrer

As the Founder and CEO of Distribute, a virtual organizational development think tank and consulting firm, Laurel Farrer is an internationally-renowned thought leader on the topic of remote work. For the past 15 years, she has been unlocking the power of distributed workforces to create impact in corporate and socioeconomic infrastructures.

She and her team of fellow experts collaborate with the world's leading businesses and governments on three primary topics: how to convert business operations from physical to virtual, how to build products and content for the remote work market, and how to leverage workplace flexibility to solve global concerns. In addition to being a regular Forbes contributor, Laurel’s subject matter expertise has also been showcased by organizations such as Zoom, VMware, Gallup, NPR, Logitech, BBC, New York Times, Office Depot, Abbott, Fast Company, and Upwork.

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