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Retail has always been centered on the customer, but personalized recommendations and new features like voice commerce and augmented reality try-ons are perpetuating online (especially mobile) sales growth.  Keep up with evolving technology trends and include business development and best practice consultations, Agile project management solutions, and DevOps shifts to keep customers happy and adding to the cart. 

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Quick and Essential Delivery
Through our Digital roadmap we will help you achieve your business objectives.

Engage with Personalization

Consumers want tailored experiences that adjust in real-time to meet their shopping needs through product recommendations, custom search results, and contextualized content.

Make Shopping Interactive

​​​​​​Digital shoppers are bridging the gap between virtual and physical by experiencing products and services online through 3D video and augmented/virtual reality.

Prioritize Mobile Features

Architecture and design evolves to be responsive, performative, and flexible as the number and percentage of mobile ecommerce transactions grows larger every year.

Build Smarter Bots

As chatbots become an integral part of the online shopping experience, AI enhances their ability to function as customer service agents, search advisors, or personal shopping assistants.

Enable Voice Commerce

Voice-enabled commerce with advanced Natural Language Processing allows customers to complete hands-free transactions, reducing friction from the ecommerce experience.

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"We've had a positive working relationship with Apex for several years.  They always deliver quality candidates and keep consistent relationships with their contract employees.  It's obvious that they care about their people."
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Kristin Cavaleri
Vice President, Retail and Hospitality Industry

As Vice President, Kristin is responsible for the oversight and saturation of key accounts within the retail, hotel, and hospitality industries. She partners closely with our clients in this space to ensure delivery of customized solutions that enable them to meet their strategic business goals.