Apex is excited to announce our upcoming webinar series, featuring expert insight on Infor V10 and Infor CloudSuite. With a new webinar every other week, we're confident that all attendees will find value in the insights and considerations provided by our industry-leading guests. No matter your industry or role, we encourage you to join us for the webinars you feel are relevant to your needs. Don't worry if you can't make them all – each session is designed to stand alone and deliver actionable takeaways for your business. 

Infor V10 Webinar Series Schedule

March 7 - 1:00pm - The Advantages of Using Punchout

April 4 - 1:00pm - Getting the Most Out of Your Item Master     

May 2 - 1:00pm - Understanding Cost Defaulting          

June 6 - 1:00pm - MX Attribute Matrix          

July 11 - 1:00pm - Cost Allocations          

August 1 - 1:00pm - DMF: Moving to CloudSuite - Finance Considerations         

September 5 - 1:00pm - DMF: Moving to CloudSuite - Supply Chain Considerations           

October 3 - 1:00pm - DMF: Moving to CloudSuite - HCM and Payroll Considerations           

Infor V10 Webinar Series Schedule

Infor CloudSuite Series Schedule

April 18 - 1:00pm - The Advantages of Managed Services

May 16 - 1:00pm - Getting Started with Supplier Portal     

June 20 - 1:00pm - FSM Asset Management       

July 25 - 1:00pm - FSM AP and AR Netting         

August 15 - 1:00pm - Making the Most of Workspaces          

Infor CloudSuite Series Schedule