Congratulations Ted Hanson, for being named to the VA Business 100 People to Meet in 2021 List!

President and CEO, ASGN Inc.

Glen Allen

Ted Hanson made Virginia one Fortune 1000 company stronger. In October, he finished moving the headquarters of ASGN, his California-based technology consulting company, to Henrico County. Hanson joined ASGN in 2012 as chief financial officer when the company acquired Glen Allen-based staffing agency Apex Systems. The company’s $12.4 million investment to bring ASGN cross-country is expected to create 700 jobs across the Richmond, Virginia Beach and Roanoke regions. Hanson credits Virginia’s “strong pipeline of information technology talent for both the commercial and government sectors,” for encouraging the move and plans to grow. Since its June headquarters move announcement, ASGN has also acquired Fredericksburg-based remote sensing and data science provider Skyris LLC and Boston-based consultancy LeapFrog Systems LLC.

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