Apex Systems is a national sponsor for the Empowering Communities Across America Tour to bridge the digital divide.

Apex Systems has joined forces with We Connect The Dots and Nebula Academy as a national sponsor for the Empowering Communities Across America Tour. 

As a leading IT services firm, Apex values giving back to STEM community-focused organizations to help upskill individuals, close the opportunity divide, and launch new technology and business careers. 

We decided to sponsor the Empowering Communities Across America Tour due to its mission to empower students through workforce development in the growing tech economy. The tour aims to promote education and employment opportunities as well as raise awareness about careers in tech.

This sponsorship underscores a shared vision of fostering technological empowerment and bridging the digital divide across America.

Apex’s expertise in the tech sector enhances the tour's ability to connect with and educate community members. By leveraging shared resources and insights, the tour can significantly expand its reach and impact, especially in creating pathways for students entering the tech industry.

"We are thrilled to partner with the tour and contribute to a mission that resonates deeply with our core values," said Kaitlin Tolson, Apex's National STEM and Philanthropy Advocate. "Our commitment to building a diverse and skilled tech workforce aligns perfectly with the Empowering Communities Across America Tour to give strength to communities. We believe that through this partnership, we can make a tangible difference in the lives of many and help shape the future of technology in America."