Deliver digital transformation in spite of business disruption, market instability, and limited resources.

Throughout the past year, our clients of all sizes have wrestled with how to continue to deliver innovative digital transformation with limited resources in the face of COVID-19. Regardless of how and when the ongoing pandemic may subside, the top issues on companies' minds continue to be investing in the success of geographically distributed teams, securing network and IT infrastructure from outside intrusion, and accelerating data-driven value creation.

Rather than focusing on the seemingly impossible task of ‘doing more with less,’ we are flipping the script to instead help our clients think about ‘going further faster.’ However, ‘going further faster’ does NOT mean big investments in large, complex programs that try to boil the ocean in record time. We see these four emerging insights in Digital Innovation that will help companies deliver value quickly and in a self-sustaining way in the coming year.

Enable teams by getting the right data into the right hands at the right time.

We believe tools that catalog and track the lineage of data play a pivotal role in the discovery and analysis of a company’s critical data elements. Employing innovative data analytics tools will modernize the way enterprises process and act on information.

Scale your organization’s ability to create data-driven value by making strategic, targeted investments in modern data solutions like data lineage management and cataloging. Do not simply migrate your data to the cloud or roll out a new analytics platform without considering how your users can discover enterprise datasets quickly and systematically.

Modernize your digital and data environments by implementing continuous analytics and hyperautomation.

The confluence of Agile, DevOps, and technology is automation. Automate your modern digital and data environments by infusing continuous analytics not just in the solutions themselves, but in the processes that govern and manage them. With deep, repeatable, insights automation takes on a new role in proactive value creation. To achieve optimal efficiency and productivity, hyperautomate processes by combining artificial intelligence with other advanced technical methods like DevOps or RPA. Hyperautomation enables humans to work alongside artificial intelligence, combining forces to drive rapid digital transformation.

Investing in automation use cases is the most effective way to create value and mature as an organization. Innovation is often stifled by cumbersome, bureaucratic delivery processes. Companies that truly incubate innovation are the ones who are committed to implementing automation, which is the key to turning an experiment in someone's local development environment into a production-grade solution.

Rather than 'doing more than less,' consider 'going further faster.'

Monetize by infusing analytics into customer-facing products.

If there ever were a way to create a self-sustaining ethos of innovation within a company, it would be by developing revenue-generating digital products. The products do not have to be net-new offerings in your portfolio, rather they are created by utilizing modern data analytics technology in inventive ways.

Increasingly, this trend is expanding to creating strategies around ‘data products,’ which treat an enterprise data environment as a factory for bringing together raw digital materials to enable the next revenue stream for a company’s products or services. When Digital Innovation leads to real ROI, an organization can expand significantly by generating meaningful value on a more regular basis.

Cybersecurity goes Agile to modernize the entire organization.

With ongoing global instability, organizations with fewer resources and indelible distraction are more vulnerable than ever to intruders who are seeking to take advantage. Ensuring security has become vital to survival during this time, and applying Agile concepts to cybersecurity is allowing some organizations to more rapidly respond to real time threats. As in any development project, integrate Agile methods into security processes gradually and iteratively, weaving cybersecurity into the fabric of the organization. Continuous, swift delivery enables cyber leaders to enhance security proactively rather than reactively to modernize the business, enable innovative digital transformation, and improve collaboration across the organization.

In summary, there are real ways to accelerate value creation even in the face of resource constraints and business instability. The latest advancements in Digital Innovation offer solutions to meeting real-world challenges, enhancing value, and driving efficiency for the most inventive organizations.

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