Apex Systems is excited to announce our Grants for Good 2024 Q1 winner: the María Luisa de Moreno International Foundation.

Apex Systems’ Grants for Good program awards a different nonprofit organization a $1,250 grant each quarter. 

This initiative gives Apex and our consultants multiple opportunities to contribute to nonprofits and positively impact communities across the areas where we live and work. 

We are excited to announce 2024’s Q1 Grants for Good winner: the Canadian branch of the María Luisa de Moreno Foundation.

The Awarded Organization

Founded in 2000 by Dr. María Luisa Piraquive, the nonprofit organization began in Colombia before spreading globally to 11 countries, including Canada, Chile, Spain, England, Mexico, Peru, and Switzerland.

The María Luisa de Moreno International Foundation’s Canadian branch assists families in need and immigrants across four provinces—British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec. 

The charity provides resources such as household items, clothing, personal care provisions, food baskets, and educational kits through the implementation of human development programs. Recipients are also taught how to develop competencies via access to education and integration services.

Who Nominated Them and How They Are Involved

Javier Casallas, an Apex consultant in Vancouver, nominated the María Luisa de Moreno Foundation for the grant. 

"The María Luisa Foundation’s impact extends far beyond mere physical or material donations,” Javier explains. “It embodies a profound belief that every person counts, and each individual holds immeasurable value. Their core values—integrity, honesty, and mercy—guide their unwavering commitment to humanity.” 

Javier first became involved with the charity 15 years ago in Mexico and has continued his support after moving to Canada.

“I have witnessed firsthand how the foundation supports diverse communities, including children, the elderly, single mothers, and people with disabilities,” Javier states. “From education to recreation and health, their reach is extensive and transformative.”

How Contributions and Volunteerism Make an Impact

In today’s evolving world, nonprofits are often affected by financial regulations, compliance, reporting, and increased competition for donors and volunteers. 

According to a LinkedIn Pulse article, “Nonprofit organizations play a vital role in our society, providing essential services…and making our communities better and stronger. However, they’re sometimes the most vulnerable to shifts and trends, and the first industry…to face challenges that could threaten their future.”

Donations, volunteers, and grants can all help nonprofits so they can continue making a difference in the community. 

The María Luisa Foundation plans to use Apex’s grant funds to support resource distribution efforts for both children and the elderly in Vancouver. The money will help cover the expenses of food baskets, educational book kits, support days, and virtual asynchronous learning.

If you’re a Canadian interested in volunteering for this organization, please email [email protected] for more information. If you’re outside of Canada, you can donate online. 

Learn more by visiting their social media profiles: FacebookLinkedInXInstagram, and YouTube.

About the Grants for Good Program

Turn your passion for a nonprofit into something more by nominating them for the Grants for Good Program. They have a chance to receive a $1,250 grant! There are many organizations in your community that do great work, and this is the perfect opportunity for them to be rewarded for their service.

The process is simple—just fill out this nonprofit nomination form. It’s a rewarding way to invest your time, especially if our next grant recipient is the nonprofit you nominated!

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