Each quarter, we're excited to see which nonprofit receives a $1,000 grant from our Grants for Good program, and we truly appreciate everyone who takes part. It’s a way for our consultants, clients, and us at Apex Systems (Apex) to contribute more to nonprofits, while positively impacting the communities where we live, serve, and work.

For those of you returning to learn about our Q3 Grants for Good winner, welcome back. For all the first-time readers, thanks for joining us; you’re in for some inspiration.

The Awarded Organization

Our Q3, 2022 Grants for Good was awarded to the Family Renewal Shelter. Since 1986 through its confidential shelters and programs, Family Renewal Shelter has offered the necessities of safety and life to domestic violence victims who are at the highest risk. At first contact, Family Renewal Shelter does whatever it takes to get the victims and their children out of harm’s way. Besides basic emergency services, they provide an on-site technology center, survival self-defense classes, spiritual support, pet therapy, an animal kennel for victims’ pets, Cars for Families Program, educational scholarships, relocation help, and transitional housing.

They are 100% privately funded. They depend on volunteers and fundraising to continue to support thousands of women and children to find safety, independence, and a chance for a peaceful and productive new life.

Volunteer or donate to Family Renewal Shelter

52% of nonprofits listed fundraising as a top challenge

Who Nominated Them and How They Got Involved

Our consultant Bill, a well-revered systems engineer with Apex for nearly five years, nominated Family Renewal Shelter. He volunteers at the nonprofit and nominated them for the program grant. The nonprofit stood out given that this is the only Grants for Good nominator who does tech for a nonprofit. It further stood out given that Bill magnifies a kind-hearted gesture, demonstrated by dedicating a high number of volunteer hours to Family Renewal Shelter. He volunteers an astounding 200 to 300 hours a year!

During our interview with Bill, he provided more insight into the nonprofit and stated, “Family Renewal Shelter is in the Tacoma area in Washington state. They take care of people who are in domestic violence situations, get people out of immediate danger, and will also help someone learn a skill to be productive members of society. It’s an amazing thing, and that’s the reason why I’ve stayed involved for close to 25 years.”

Bill went on to say, “the CFO of the company that I used to work for, and the Director of Family Renewal Shelter were friends. The CFO gave a large donation to the nonprofit to buy some computers and since he and I were friends, he asked if I knew anybody who could help them get set up. I told him that I’d do it for free because I loved what they were about. And I’ve been involved ever since. The Director and his family are like family to me.”

How Contributions and Volunteerism Make an Impact

In today’s evolving digital world there are increased challenges including financial regulations, compliance, reporting, and increased competition for donors and volunteers to help support the communities in which they serve. According to the Wipfli Nonprofit Priorities Benchmark Report, 52% of nonprofits listed fundraising as a top challenge – one that can be helped through technology, digital tools, and associated resources like tech volunteers, such as Bill.

In the case of Family Renewal Shelter and per Bill, “most of the money that they (Family Renewal Shelter) get is used in actually taking care of the individuals in need. When they get a call, they help someone relocate to an undisclosed area in their shelter. Based on that, they will take that person and provide them with sometimes a car – a bunch of different things, whatever their need is, you know, medical, health, all kinds of things. They totally take care of the person in their family that’s in danger and just get them out of danger.”

About the Grants for Good Program

Turn your volunteerism for a nonprofit into something more by nominating them for a chance to receive a $1,000 grant and be showcased in an article spotlight like this. There are many people, like you, in your community who do great work, and now you have the opportunity to participate in our Grants for Good program.

The process is simple -- just fill out this nonprofit nomination form. It can be a rewarding way to invest your time; especially if our next $1,000 grant recipient ends up being the nonprofit you nominated!