Our Fourth Quarter 2020 Grants for Good recipient, IGY6 Gaming Foundation, hosts video game fundraisers to support various nonprofits for veterans and individuals in need. Lonnie, a consultant at Apex, nominated the nonprofit. Lonnie is a board member at the organization and has volunteered over 600 hours of his time. An alliance between Apex and IGY6 was a great fit given Apex’s awards, initiatives, and ten partnerships supporting veterans and military spouses. Apex’s continued support of veterans has resulted in our receiving numerous awards, such as Military Friendly® Employer and a Military Friendly® Spouse Employer. Apex also launched a Gaming Recruiting Center in 2020 on the West Coast and hosted a series of Gamers vs. Cancer video game tournaments supporting the American Cancer Society. Overall, Apex was delighted to learn about IGY6 and support its efforts in assisting the veteran community.

Who is the IGY6 Foundation?

Founded in May 2018, the organization's mission is to build camaraderie and support within our community of veterans, first responders, and government contractors through adventurous excursions and events. The foundation hosts virtual fundraisers for veteran support, veteran suicide reduction, and other military and first responder organizations.

How do they raise money?

IGY6 primarily leverages video games and non-standard interaction methods, such as Twitch, Facebook Gaming, Mixer, Discord, and on-line gaming, to raise funds, and help at-risk Veterans through gaming. Games and tournaments are streamed and include a donation link. To date, they've raised and contributed over $25,000!

Which organizations for Veterans has IGY6 helped?

All funds raised go directly to support other nonprofit organizations. IGY6 has contributed to Aaron's Gifts from Home, Chris Kyle Frog Foundation, Mission22, and individuals in need. Recently, they provided financial support for a veteran affected by a natural disaster. They also use donations to provide hand sanitizer to frontline healthcare workers, participated in food distribution programs, and other frontline assistance measures during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How will IGY6 benefit from this donation?

The foundation currently disperses all funds for use by other organizations and individuals supported. All other expenses, i.e., tax form preparation for 501c3, website maintenance, domain name rentals, etc., are paid out of pocket. This grant will help offset those costs and allow IGY6 to provide additional support to other organizations while maintaining its ability to support those who need it the most!

How can you help?

If this cause resonates with you, there are four primary ways you can support it. You can make a donation on their website, purchase merchandise via their website, participate in events, or share their social media posts to help spread the word.

How can you learn more and get connected with IGY6?

Learn more via the IGY6 website and follow their events and efforts via Instagram at @theIGY6 and Facebook at The IGY6 Foundation.