One of the most important things you bring to a sales organization is your personality. You need to have the natural ability to build relationships with people and communicate effectively.

Successful employees at Apex share a competitive drive and desire to succeed, both individually and as part of a team. In our culture, we face daily challenges but also have incentives in place to reward achievement. There are several different types of incentives: monetary (commission/bonuses), prizes, and peer recognition. Each of these are aimed at motivating you to continue to grow in the role each day. Although you are responsible for your own success, your work contributes to the overall goal of the team.

People are more likely to want to work with you if you're able to build trust and rapport with them.

Coachability is another quality we look for. Coming into a new role at Apex, you will go through a structured training program and your manager will help develop your skills to make sure you are improving each day. We look for people that are able to take feedback from someone who is successful in the role and turn that into results.

In our organization, a passion for the work is critical. We need people that hit the ground running, learn as much as they can from others on their team and have a strong desire to succeed.