A large government services integrator leverages Apex's scalable delivery model to efficiently provide cleared asset management for the U.S. Navy.


Our client needed to locate and tag 350,000 IT and non-IT assets on naval bases across the US within a six-month timeframe to ensure all federally purchased equipment was accounted for at each site. As a result of the incumbent recently separating from the contract, new base access personnel had to be established, resulting in the timeline being compressed from seven months down to six. Our client partnered with us due to our performance track record on previous engagements, and our ability to quickly scale up and down as needed.


Our client needed a scalable team with DoD security clearance to supplement their​ internal team as well as a PMO to manage the demand, travel component, and base communication necessary for a successful mission.​ To meet our client’s business objectives, our engagement team constructed a custom solution that included:​​

350,000+ Assets Managed​ Within Six Months

  • A scalable asset management team; starting with 30 professionals increasing up to approximately 60 for the first one and a half months of the engagement, before then scaling down to 10 for the duration of the project ​​
  • Managing a pipeline of active resources ready for deployment to mitigate attrition​
  • Project management services including; scheduling, attrition management, client’s financial spending, and risk mitigation​​
  • Workforce management services, where we assumed responsibility for sourcing all technicians, managing their onboarding, logistics, performance management, and ultimate project completion​​
  • Flexible demand planning, and travel management, that adapted to the client's frequent​ schedule changes on short notice​​


We quickly ramped up and responded to our client’s needs with a scalable solution, as well as a PMO that provided operational expertise. These key components vastly increased the productivity of the program, and ultimately resulted in project completion by the date initially set by the client, overcoming the initial one-month start delay. Our overall ability to scale staff and manage services provided was recognized by the client.​