A healthcare data service company rapidly develops and deploys a new suite of products to meet changing business needs.


Our client creates software products for emergency medical services, fire departments, and hospitals. They had recently acquired a company that created a software product for fire department record management and needed to accelerate their product roadmap in order to retain the 11,000 new fire department clients who were using the product. The client was struggling to hire and organize rapidly to meet demand and was seeking a strategic partner to help them with the new products and updates they needed to implement.

"Distributed software teams need to feel cohesive in order for development to be completed in an expected timeframe. This type of successful collaboration became clear working with the MDC because of the quality of their work and their dedication to be viewed as accountable team members." -VP of Engineering


To meet the need for rapid acceleration of the development cycle, we proposed performing the work in our near-shore Mexico Delivery Center (MDC) in Guadalajara, Mexico. Our development team worked in distributed software teams to deliver the new suite of products in our client’s cloud-based Azure environment, including inspections, properties, and checklist modules. The solution supported our client’s SaaS cloud ecosystem that securely hosts National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS) electronic data. Modules we defined and developed included:

  • Elastic search indexes to enhance NoSQL search and analytics
  • Per instance SQL database to hold transactional/configuration data
  • Blob storage to store pictures, attachments, and documents
  • Bandwidth to speed up inbound and outbound data transfer through a robust network of data centers
  • Load balancer to enhance the scale, availability, and network performance for the entire service ecosystem

By leveraging the MDC team, we were able to strategize what was needed for the new fire market, meet product development timelines, and maximize our client’s financial investment.


We helped our client deliver all of their new fire products ahead of schedule and within budget, saving them around 60% in engineering costs. Our team was also more productive than expected throughout the engagement, working in distributed teams and a highly collaborative environment. Additionally, by learning how to manage the workflow between our team and their internal team, our client was able to improve their own internal distributed team processes. ​