A multinational financial services corporation migrates data from on-premises services to the cloud to improve accessibility and searchability.


Our client needed to migrate data from on-premises services to the cloud to improve accessibility on an initiative passed down from their CEO. The data needed to be indexed and searchable so that in the event of insider trading or an HR dispute, the data could be easily accessed by the legal team. ​Due to Apex’s strong Cloud migration and Enterprise Search experience, the client brought us on as a consulting partner to help deliver on this key initiative. 


Initially, Apex was engaged to provide a team of four data engineers to move the data but quickly discovered that the client could save money by leveraging cold storage. They utilized representatives from OpenSearch and Amazon to convince the client of their plan. The Apex team then built, tested, and engineered web applications using Java, Microservices, and Angular.

Migrated and indexed over 1,000 terabytes of data, reducing storage costs by 35%

The Apex team assisted in copying 927TB of messages from on-premises to an AWS S3 bucket (staging) using Amazon Snowball or AWS DataSync. Apex optimized and tuned the ElasticSearch environment to index legacy data containing eight billion items with a total size of 338 TB and indexing of 10 million messages/day to ensure optimal performance for searching while reducing storage costs. Apex assisted in the development and implementation of a process to move 12 billion messages with a total size of 927 TB from the AWS S3 (staging) to the compliant AWS S3 (target) with the correct records retention period applied per message using an existing object-level retention process. The team enhanced existing monitoring and reconciliation processes to provide evidence of the completeness of data movement and archival.


Our team’s solution lowered the client’s cost of data storage by 35%. Our client was able to have a front-facing interactive tool that meets all specifications outlined in full production under a tight deadline. As previously agreed, the client also converted one of our consultants to full-time due to the success of this project.