A multinational financial services company scales its customer support capabilities. 


Our client launched an initiative to build a customer-facing, enterprise-wide channel to support their customers’ desire to leverage emerging technology. This new channel will enable the company to package products and services as discrete microservices delivered through real-time messaging technology. Often referred to as APIs (application program interface), these discrete services can be easily embedded within other digital environments or software platforms so customers can access products wherever and whenever they choose. They traditionally relied on in-house teams for support, creating dependencies and conflicts between customers and support. The client was seeking a strategic partner to optimize the process, onboard consultants with technical expertise, and set up a long-term strategy to better align with their service model. The client selected Apex as the partner to provide the service to meet their support goals for all levels.

Scaled up to three teams to improve performance by 18% with 100% retention 


Apex partnered with the client to assess their current workload and how to structure the team to meet capacity and build a long-term scalable solution. Our team proposed a solution to resolve the constraints by building a team under three API Support Managers with Level Two and Level Three support agents. This model helped the customer scale to three teams in a two-month period, with a total of 27 consultants leveraged. These teams designed API escalation procedures to resolve customer issues and created API best practices, support procedures, and technical documentation. They built a program to troubleshoot issues and create defects with step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce the issue. Additionally, the teams created an end-to-end process for developers to conceptualize, design, and build projects and products. They also advised customers and developers about API capabilities.


The teams helped our client's volume increase and positioned the function to scale year over year in the financial industry. Using Apex’s management methodology, they were able to improve performance by 18% with 100% retention of consultants. By creating a tiered support structure, we were also able to ease the onboarding process and increase efficiency.