A healthcare software company aggregates data for improved operational efficiency.


Our client provides data software that helps assess community health and provides data analysis to healthcare providers, but the product lacked the functionality to allow users to compare data from other external data origination sources. Additionally, the client’s existing on-premise system required their team to tear down and rebuild the data cube each day; a process that was unsustainable with increasing product growth and demand for speed and scalability. 

We were selected to help enhance their latest product with the goal of allowing healthcare providers to compare how they are doing against aggregate metrics from their peers. Additionally, the collected data would allow for benchmarking that provides state and local governments with relevant information to inform community health decisions. 

Delivered on-demand, real-time reporting with HIPAA compliant cloud analytics solution


We provided a cloud solution to help innovate and scale the product to become a leader in the marketplace. Our team implemented Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Data Platform tools including HDInsight to provide a secure, HIPAA compliant and scalable data lake that integrates with the company’s current technology stack. This allowed our client to perform complex data and analytics workloads in the cloud while still combining with on-premise data sources when required.


Our solution reduced the number of hours and internal resources needed to aggregate and compare this data, resulting in decreased operational costs and increased profits. The product provided a long-term, effective resolution to replace our client’s unsustainable process with a platform that can scale to meet today's demands and tomorrow's fluid requirements. Our solution is a strategic product differentiator among our client’s competitors, providing enhanced on-demand, real-time reporting that has been expanded across all programs and products.