A state-level nonprofit health system utilizes Apex's expertise to build a custom web and AI app.


The manual sitters in hospitals monitor patients that have been flagged as fall risks to ensure they do not hurt themselves in hospital rooms. The role is dependent upon human attention span in a similar capacity to watching security footage and sitters are limited in the number of rooms they can watch effectively at a time.

Our client was looking to augment the role of a hospital sitter with an application powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Their goal is to increase the number of rooms a sitter can safely monitor remotely and improve patient safety with the benefit of the Apex developed AI application.


The team in our Mexico Delivery Center developed a purpose-built web application. At the beginning of the project, the client only had high-level objectives for what the AI should be able to do. 

"The Apex team would think outside the box … well beyond the generic written requirements we supplied.  I could not be more satisfied with the development pod we worked with." -VP & Chief Technology Officer

Utilizing the Apex Story Mapping process, our team was able to evaluate which technical options would best match the client’s needs. The delivery process included front and back-end development, quality assurance testing, and multimedia design. The entire development cycle was led by scrum masters in an Agile environment in order to enable in-flight discovery.

The application uses advanced motion detection through a camera to monitor patients in their beds and alerts the attending staff to review the footage if dangerous activity is detected. The staffer marks the alert as correct or incorrect and alerts nurses on the floor if needed. Two-way audio integration allows the sitter using the application to talk to the patients if necessary and alert nursing staff if further action is required to stop the patients from reinjuring themselves.


The eSitter application we developed uses artificial intelligence to detect when patients are performing an action that puts the patient at risk of falling, which allows for a single sitter to effectively monitor many more patients and reduces the risk of patients injuring themselves.

Apex was able to quickly scale up and deliver a top-tier near shore development pod with the diverse skills required for a custom-built AI. Due to our success in this engagement, the client has expanded the team and included it in their latest mobile application development project.