A leading technology corporation moderates and reports harmful content by implementing a Digital Safety Office. 


Our client needed a business partner to help onboard, manage, train, and develop a Digital Safety Office for content moderation. They needed a skilled team to monitor client content and ensure digital safety for the public, including providing reactive support to complaints from customers, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and governments. The team would also proactively review and screen for exploitative, violent, and criminal content. Additionally, the client needed a solution to help resources process associated distress and the emotional response to the content they were viewing. ​


We provided a team of 12 digital safety officers who proactively handle identifying, blocking, and reporting or escalating non-conforming content that may exist on our client’s online assets. This includes their popular search engine platform, video and chat communications tools, and other online properties.

"This project shows the power of our work and the good we do in the world.​" -Critical Content Analyst​

The tips are then passed on to the appropriate contacts who partner with local law enforcement agencies and governments to address the offenses. In addition to proactively screening for harmful content, our team also provides hash validation, performs legal mandate reporting, and preserves and documents illegal material. Our solution includes maintaining a secure and restricted access facility for the team and adhering to agreed-upon compliance requirements. 

Additionally, we provided a Wellness and Resilience Program to support active and former digital safety officers as they navigate the emotional impact of viewing disturbing content. The all-inclusive program includes a wellness coach who provides personalized care through individual sessions and moderated group sessions, as well as periodic wellness events and ongoing training. ​


As a result of our solution, our team has relayed tens of thousands of CyberTip reports that have made a global impact across several locations.