Establishing a modernized data strategy for a medical device company.


Our client’s Chief Technology Officer knew they needed a data strategy and roadmap to redefine how they think about, manage, and use data from multiple sources to create value. They wanted to optimize their current business capabilities and implement new ones. Apex was engaged to enable the right advisory services, platform enhancements, and data analytics capabilities to meet their business growth objectives and create new product offerings.


Our team consisted of a data and analytics lead, a senior data engineer, a senior cloud engineer, a data scientist, and a senior analytics engineer. Our lead consultant conducted a six week preliminary assessment of the client’s system. Based on his assessment, Apex’s roadmap consisted of:

  • Advisory Services – Management Consulting, Architectural Review
  • Partner Resources – Technology Assessments and Proof of Concepts
  • Strategy and Roadmap – Data Platform Recommendations
  • Data Platform Implementation – Cloud Data Warehouse (Snowflake), Streaming Data (Confluent)
  • Analytics Enablement – Migration, Modeling, and Provisioning using new and existing technology

This roadmap was designed to align an implementation strategy to CI/CD processes over the course of nine months.


Apex’s team established batch and streaming patterns for over 250 gigabytes and one billion records with 250 topics and tables provisioned at the height of the project. The system was constructed to have multi-region and multi-cloud redundant architecture. The system was compliant with industry and international data privacy requirements. Our solution enabled the deprecation of duplicative operation data infrastructure with a minimum annual savings of $50,000. Apex informed the client’s merger and acquisitions strategy to secure data products and business-to-business intellectual property. We improved their data science and insight capabilities from daily to near real-time.