Providing DevSecOps and Software Engineering services to a leading defense contractor’s mission IT program.


Our client, a leading aerospace and defense integrator, was engaged to support a nationally recognized defense program, a niche system that is the backbone of missile defense. The client sought a partner who could help them innovate, gain access to top engineering talent, and fulfill their government contract. This partner would need to have the flexibility to integrate engineers, developers, and quality assurance testers to support Java Development, COTS and GOTS integration, and predictive analytics.​ 

Over 200 Consultants Deployed


Combining our intimate knowledge of the program's mission, deep technical talent, and access to on-demand consultants, we were able to complete a full implementation of our work product execution and technical reporting within the client’s development environment and supporting management systems. Apex consultants helped develop and deploy Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service capabilities. We assisted in the system administration of multiple environments, software deployment, troubleshooting, and automation in a DevSecOps environment while working with leading DevOps practices and tooling (Hashicorp Tools, Gitlab CI/CD, Ansible Tower and Nexus Pro). Apex consultants brought industry and technical expertise to determine system requirements, propose system administration process improvements, and reduce overall maintenance requirements by working with the design team and manufacturers. Additionally, consultants provided monthly reports including JIRA data pulled internally to reflect activity against both new and maintenance development (PTRs). Apex also generates a weekly burndown tracker for the client to proactively eliminate the possibility of financial risk, which had previously been a substantial obstacle for the program.​


We have been a key partner in leveraging top consultants who utilize inventive approaches and seek innovative solutions that support the client’s capabilities. We’ve provided more than 200 consultants over the program’s four year history with the current roster sustained at 69 consultants. Several of our consultants have moved into leadership positions in the program, providing guidance on hiring and the technical direction of teams.​

This client has recognized our consultants for their strategic thinking and tactical execution while crediting team members for being a cornerstone of their organization’s ability to reach project milestones despite changing priorities. By consistently delivering on our clients’ needs and intentionally stewarding this relationship, we have been able to establish trust and outstanding staff retention, boosting overall productivity and project efficiency and lending more time to the customer to invest in greater innovations that support additional program milestones.​