A Fortune 100 communications company leverages our project management capabilities to establish project management centers, reducing spend and improving quality.


In an effort to improve communication and efficiency, our client needed to establish Project Coordinator centers in low cost U.S. markets. The client had experienced difficulties with an offshore project team and wanted to know where and how financial benefits could be achieved in local cities within their existing geographic footprint. The solution would also need to effectively increase overall project management bench strength.  


 To achieve these goals, we applied our Domestic Sourcing framework that included the following key components:  

  • Establish the need - worked with the client to develop location selection criteria, define the decision process, and engage all stakeholders. 
  • Perform the analysis - gathered information using our proprietary data along with external data sources from partner sources. Location decision factors important to our client included skillset supply and demand, salary benchmarks, tax incentives, and access to local universities and military bases.  
  • Plan and decide - Using a variety of proprietary and public tools to compare markets and model various scenarios, we presented the client with a road map and short list of our top two recommendations.  
  • Deployment - We applied our Workforce Management program to provide training, ITIL certification, and other retention initiatives such as semi-annual performance evaluations and merit increases.  


Our solution created a project management bench in two optimal locations achieving significant efficiencies through extensive market analysis, modeling and selection. We provided 40 Project Coordinators within 2 months while delivering a resourcing strategy plan, resource ramp plan, performance management plan and reporting templates. Overall performance scores improved by 22% in Scope Management, PM Performance and Quality Management effectiveness and 45 % of the team obtained ITIL certifications.