A major biotechnology company implements an active backup solution to overcome unplanned system outages.


Our client needed an alternative backup solution from their cloud computing system Veeva, which would allow internal employees access to critical documents during outages. The backup solution needed to support specific types of QualityDocs (SOP’s, Specs, Batch Records, etc.) housed on a File Server Repository, which staff would need to be able to access during planned or unplanned system outages in multiple lab locations. We were selected to develop the backup system because of our flexible partnership and ability to right-size our approach to creating a custom solution. Additionally, our Cloud Solution Leader brought the thought leadership and technical competency to deliver on their needs. ​

Eliminated downtime and ensured business continuity with 24x7 system access 


We provided the technical expertise and guidance for the development of our client’s backup solution. Our skilled Cloud Solution Leader and an established Python developer from our consulting practice partnered closely with client stakeholders to plan during the initial design stages. The full team subsequently designed, built, tested, and deployed the solution using Agile methodology, providing ongoing knowledge transfer to client teams. Our team responsibilities included:​

  • Assisted with functional and technical requirements collection, solution architecture, and solution design​
  • Created the folder structure to match electronic binders in Veeva QualityDocs in Windows Explorer format​
  • Designed and built a Python executable running on Document servers​
  • Implemented process automation for Document Metadata API and Document API to check for new and download identified documents​
  • Scheduled and ran Windows Task Scheduler to lock/unlock Document access based on Veeva system availability​


Our team successfully implemented this Python-based backup solution and configurable workflow to our client. The solution provided business continuity in the face of system outages, which were happening on average once a quarter for a few hours at a time. We implemented 24x7 access to this critical system under budget and within a tight timeline. Additionally, we provided ongoing support throughout the validation testing phase to ensure product quality and operational efficiencies beyond the initial build. ​